USE cases

From simply organising your work images to swiftly creating daily site reports, learn how BuiltView can help your team.

Site Reports

With our customisable report template, upgrade your site photos and videos into a professional report in seconds! Edit or share reports as PDFs or PowerPoints.

Dilapidation Survey

Create a searchable database of media with location, date and time stamps separated from your personal gallery. Use tags and descriptions to even further organise your environment inspections.

Shift Handover Reports

BuiltView streamlines shift handovers by digitalising shutdown reporting with content captured throughout the day. Reports tell the whole story successfully and makes for clear communication between teams.

Searchable Gallery

Instead of filling your personally gallery with site images that are hard to navigate, use BuiltView to create a database of searchable media with thorough context. Tags, location, timestamps, map view and descriptions make finding the right picture or video a breeze.

How to get started

BuiltView Mobile is now available for IOS and Android


Install builtview

Download IOS or Android and sign up to capture your photos & videos directly with BuiltView platform


Document & Share

Create categorisation tags and descriptions to for your photos & videos and share them directly with team members


Manage online

After your photos & videos have synced to BuiltView, you can view and track them at

Onboarding & support

BuiltView mobile is intended to be a simple app thats as easy as using your own native phone camera. However, our onboarding guides and recommended use case procedures will help ensure your teams utilise the best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of BuiltView for team photos & videos.

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I am very happy with BuiltView – it is very user friendly and seems to answer my previous prayers in terms of site photo management.

- Guillaume (Construction Leader)